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Untitled - By: (Jacob Robert Price) - (Tumblr)


Untitled - By: (Jacob Robert Price) - (Tumblr)

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'This isn't the last of  O n e  D i r e c t i o n’

Happy 4 Years One Direction! {July 23,2010}

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The one in the back is SO happy. 

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Stop it.

There are the happy and positive people. They always smile, to anybody, whatever happens in life.
They enjoy every little thing of life : a good cup of tea, brunches with their best friends, finding an extra dollar in their pockets…

There are the sad but positive people.
They just have no chance in their lives, bad things always appear on their way.
Whatever, they fall seven times, and get up eight.
They know, somewhere in the world, there is someone who lives in worse conditions.
In their misfortune, they always see a ray of sunshine.
They don’t want others to care more about their feelings than theirs.

There are the sad and negative people.
In their world, everything is black.
When something could be white, they don’t make better, they just put this thing in grey.
Nothing really matters for them, except looking unhappy and making others feel bad because of their happiness.
They don’t realize it, but they want others to care about them and complain with them.
They are in their bubbles, thinking about death, thinking that nothing could be worse.
They think that nobody feels like them and no one could even understand what they feel all day long.
They feel like living a nightmare. But…
Why are they always complaining about stupid little things? Maybe because there is nothing more important to complain about than these stupid little things in their lives.
Why are they always thinking about death, suicide? Maybe because they think it’s the best way to solve their problems.
Why do they think death could be the best solution to their big problems? Maybe they just don’t see that there are not any “big” problems but only stupid little things, about which they care too much.
Why do they call themselves depressed? Maybe because these stupid little things take too much place in their lives and hide the sunrise from them.
Why do they say nobody loves them ? Why do they think nobody cares about them? Maybe because their “big” problems hide the little things that people who love them and care about them do for them.

Some of these sad and negative people have a good life, loving friends, family but despite this, they persist to say they are depressed, no one loves them, they are just rejected by everyone …
They say demons live inside them, inside their heads, minds and control them without being able to do anything.
But honestly, they CAN do something.
They just have to put a smile on their fucking faces.
I mean not a fake smile, a real one.
Yes dear sad and negative person people it’s possible even for you.
You probably don’t believe it but there are people who are really in bad situations.
It’s certainly exaggerated compared to what you are living right now.
Some people are at war, don’t have enough money, food, and some of them don’t have anything.
Don’t tell that you don’t have anything anymore too.
There are worse situations than yours.
You have your dressing full of clothes and shoes.
You have a loving family, even though you say the contrary.
You just don’t see it.
People love you in little things they do for you.
But you don’t see these little things because you are focused on yourself, trying to find another problem deep down into you.
No matter what type of problem you will find to hate about yourself, you will always find another even though it’s completely false and absurd.
You have only one serious problem and it’s called Yourself.
It’s not a reason good enough to think of killing Yourself.
It’s a reason good enough to make things change.
Right now.
Stop complaining about your weakness, your flaws.
Stop watching sad pictures.
Stop reading quotes about death, about how hard life is. Life is hard, but not if you focus on positive and important things and people.
Stop reading lines which say you can’t do anything to stop this infernal machine.
Stop hiding your fears, your feelings deep down, stop it before it consumes you.
Stop saying you’re nothing.
Stop it right now.
But, please don’t stop living.
Don’t stop your beating heart.
Don’t stop laughing and smiling.
Why? There is a single reason.
There are people who love you more than you think. And more people than you think.
Don’t go.

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"C’est à partir de ce jour là que j’ai décidé de tout mettre en œuvre pour qu’un tel régime s’effondre." #thomaskeneally #schindlerslist #hero #book

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